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Ocean Hunter I - Dive Sites - Angaur Island

Location: South of Peleliu Island.
Distance from Koror: 40 miles (64 kilometers) from Koror. 90 to 120 minutes by speedboat depending on the weather conditions.
Level of Diving Experience: Advanced with a minimum of 100 logged dives in various sea conditions.
Diving Depth Summary: 20 to 100+ feet (6 to 30+ meters).
Visibility: 30++ meter
Currents: Open ocean exposure subjects the island to heavy swells.

General Information: Angaur is about 10 miles (16 kilometers) south of Peleliu. Presently the island is only accessible by boat or chartered aircraft. This low limestone island was a major battlefield during WWII; many remains of tanks, guns and aircraft are still scattered around the airport and beaches. Angaur is seldom dived because most of the time there is a heavy swell around the island and dive conditions are very difficult.

Reef Formation: Moderate slopes and sheer walls

Marine life: the open ocean surrounds the island and as such encounters with large pelagic is not unusual while diving here. Along with the common reef fish, it is possible to see oceanic Tiger and White Tip Shark, Whale Shark as well as large schools of tuna, jacks and snappers.

Diving: All dives at this location are done from a boat. Only very experienced divers should attempt to dive here. A dive on the USS Perry required a Technical Diver Certification.

Dive sites:
Airport Wall: North of the airport runway. This dive is a sheer drop off to hundreds of feet/meters.

Santa Maria Reef: Northwest point of the island. (Named after a statue of Santa Maria in Angaur’s cemetery that faces the dive site). The point drops off to 90 feet (30 meters) in very clear water. The reef offers the diver a great chance to see and dive with large number of pelagic fish. The wave action here is powerful; diving can be done only with extreme caution.

Harbor Wall: North of the harbor entrance and south of the Santa Maria dive site. Healthy marine growth can be seen here.

South Reef: Southern point of the island. Large coral heads on top of a sandy bottom are found along this reef. The USS Perry wreck is located here at 250 feet (76 meters). For additional information see: USS Perry below.

Fascinating Facts: Angaur Island is the only island in Micronesia with introduced wild monkeys.

Additional Reef Sites
Clarence's Wall
German Wall
Barnum's Wall
Turtle Cove

Additional Reef Sites
Ngedbus Coral Garden
Ngedbus Wall
Ngerchong Inside
Wonder Channel
Short Drop Off
Additional Reef Sites
FnF House Reef
West Passage
Shark City
Kayangel Sites
Angaur Sites
WW II Wrecks
Gozan Maru
Chuyo Maru
Amatsu Maru
Buoy 6
Zero Wreck
USS Perry
Reef Hook
The Reef Hook Experience

Main Dive Sites
The most popular dives

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