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Ocean Hunter I - The Reef Hook Experience

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What is a reef hook?
It is a metal hook approximately 4"(10cm) long attached to a 6 foot (2m) rope and a snap ring. You secure the snap ring to one of the D rings in your BCD.

Why use a reef hook?
Some of the dive sites in Palau (such as Blue Corner, New Drop Off, Peleliu Corner, etc.) have strong currents (which attract the big fish and sharks). The reef hook enables you to secure yourself to the reef without any effort and without damaging the pristine reef.

How does it work?
While reaching the desired spot on the reef to observe the action, we locate a rock or dead coral and literally hook the reef hook to it. The current will keep the line stretched and both our hands will be free (ideal for photographers). You should put a little air in your BCD to float above the reef, however remember to take it out before you unhook!

Where to buy it?
Invented in Palau by Francis Toribiong, the founder of Fish ‘n Fins, the reef hook can be found in many dive shops around the world. Fish ‘n Fins offers stainless steel hooks for $19.95 that will not rust and will accompany you on many dive expeditions to come.

The "Must See" List
Blue Holes
Blue Corner
New Drop Off
Big Drop Off
German Channel
Peleliu Wall & Cut
The "Must See" List
Peleliu Expressway
Ulong Channel
Siaes Tunnel
Chandelier Cave
Best of the Rest
Virgin Blue Hole
Turtle Wall
Peleliu Coral Garden
Yellow Wall
Ngerchong Outside
Siaes Corner
Best of the Rest
Teshio Maru
Jake Seaplane
Helmet Wreck
Mandarinfish Lake
Devilfish City
Snorkelling Sites
Jellyfish Lake
Clam City
Zero Fighter

Reef Hook
The Reef Hook Experience

Other Dive Sites

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