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Ocean Hunter I - Dive Sites - West Passage

Location: of Ngarmlangui state and village
Distance from Koror:18 miles (30.0 kilometers) Northwest of Koror. 30 minutes by speedboat.
Level of Diving Experience: Novice to Advanced (during strong currents).
Diving Depth Summary: Deep walls mark the channel to north and south with a shallow plateau at the western entrance.
30 to 90 feet (10 to 30 meters): Wall diving
90+ feet (30+ meters): moderate slope of sand and corals
Visibility: Incoming tide: 60 to 120 feet (20 to 40meters). Outgoing tide: 60 to -30 feet (20 to 10 meters). Vis can be poor during low tide
Currents: This is Palau’s largest channel in the barrier reef so it channels large quantity of water during tide changes. Incoming tide: the current will flow from the open ocean into the lagoon. Outgoing tide: the current will carry murky debris laden water from the lagoon to the open ocean. For more information regarding the tidal patterns in Palau, refer to the Blue Corner tide and current section.

Reef Formation: West Passage runs from East to West. The channel connects the inner lagoon with the open ocean. The deep walls are covered with soft and corals.

Marine life: West Passage is known for sharks and an abundance of tropical fish.

Diving: Diving is done only during incoming tide. Divers will be dropped at the mouth of the channel and will drift along eastern or western wall according to guide decision (both sides are good!). Often, many gray reef sharks patrols the entrance.

Fascinating Facts: This channel is the main channel for commercial vessels who visit Malakal harbor.

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