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Ocean Hunter I - Dive Sites

Ngemelis & Peleliu
1 Clarence Wall
2 Fairyland
3 German Wall
4 Barnum's Wall
5 Turtle Cove
6 Ngedbus Coral Garden
7 Ngedbus Wall

Other Reef Sites
8 Ngerchong Inside
9 Wonder Channel
10 Short Drop Off
11 Fish 'n Fins House Reef
12 Kayangel
13 West Passage
14 Shark City
Wreck Dives
15 Sata
15 Gozan Maru
16 Chuyo Maru
16 Amatsu Maru
16 Buoy 6
17 Zero Wreck
18 USS Perry
19 Angaur Dive Sites

Reef Hook
The Reef Hook Experience

Main Dive Sites
Our most popular dives

To explore Ocean Hunter I, see the menus at top and left. Our newest ship, Ocean Hunter III can be found here. Or to explore Palau see the links below.