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Ocean Hunter I - Команда

Ocean Hunter бизнес это одна большая семья. Многие компании меняют каманду и капитанов каждый сизон, наша семейный бизнес остаеться неизмененым с темеже лицами с 1993г. Мы пополняем свои знания с года в год и будем очень рады поделиться с вами. Наша компания набирает для работы местное население, которые просто незаминимые экскурсоводы и как некто другой воведают вам о традициях Палау.

  Troy Ngiraikelau - Captain, PADI Divemaster
Born and raised in Palau, Troy has been working at Fish ´n Fins since 1989, becoming a boat captain and dive guide alongside Francis Toribiong. He joined the Ocean Hunter crew in 1998. Favorite fish: sharks. Favorite dive site: Ulong Channel. He's got a great sense of humour and on the boat, he loves watching the stars. Troy has logged around 10,000 dives and is extremely knowledgeable about Palau, it's wildlife and it's diving.
  Rico -PADI Divemaster
Born in Yap, Federated States of Micronesia, Rico came to Palau in 2009. He is a good-natured happy guy always ready to attend to the slightest need that might arise. His task is to make sure the ship is prepared for anything, in true Ocean Hunter fashion. And that's exactly what he manages to do. Rico will guide you underwater.
  Chef Roy - Ocean Hunter 1 chef
Born and raised in Philippines, Roy was assistant chef aboard Ocean Hunter 2 and 3 for 6 years and thanks to Tova’s training and Ocean Hunter 3 chef Arlee supervision became a great chef himself. Roy specializes in a very healthy cuisine incorporating the freshest ingredients to produce memorable meals with great diversity. At the end of your trip you'll agree that he is the best liveaboard Chef there is.


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