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Ocean Hunter III – Virtual Deck Plans - Main Deck

Upper Deck : Wheelhouse | Master Stateroom | Sun Deck
Main Deck : Salon | Galley | Dining Room | Gear Room | Dive Deck
Lower Deck: Standard Cabin | Deluxe Cabin


After your last dive of the day what better place to relax than in our luxurious salon. There are 4 large sofas to sit back on while watching a DVD on the 48" wallmounted flatscreen TV. A computer station has a high-spec machine ready for you to burn your photos and videos to disc. Alternatively take it easy with a book from our library, or by playing board games until it's time for bed.

Photo by Tim Rock


A large, hygenic galley that produces a never-ending flow of fresh gourmet food. Industrial refrigerator and freezer units keep food fresh until needed, even on a long trip. Enough storage space that we never have to run out of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Dining Room

The beautiful wood finish to the interior means the dining and living area on Ocean Hunter III is a warm and homely area to relax in. 4 separate tables allow all our guests to eat together without inconvenience, on very comfortable padded seating. Also in the dining area you will find an icemaker, coffee machine 32" plasma tv and minibar / refrigerator.

Photo by Peter Lange

Gear Room

Lots of room for everyone here. This semi-dry area has ample storage space for each individual diver, along with 415/220/110V outlets for charging cameras and batteries

Dive Deck

Designed by divers for divers, Ocean Hunter III's dive deck is both spacious and efficient. It boasts individual storage bins, plenty of room for Nitrox and air tanks up to 100 cubic feet (15 litres) and a filling station that can provide gas mixing for Trimix, Nitrox and blends up to 100% oxygen. Plus enough room for you to move around in comfort at both the start and end of your dives.

Photo by Tim Rock

To explore Ocean Hunter III, see the menus at top and left. For small group diving in comfort, Ocean Hunter I can be found here. Or to explore Palau see the links below.