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Ocean Hunter III - Dive Sites - Clarence's Wall

Location: Southwest reefs of the Palau Islands. Clarence’s wall is at the SE end of Ngemelis Island Distance from Koror: 25 miles (46 km). 50 to 70 minutes by speedboat.
Level of Diving Experience: Moderate current - Intermediate divers. No current - All divers.
Diving Depth Summary: 0 to 30 feet (0 to 10 meters): The eastern side of the reef wall starts at 12feet (4meters) and is covered with soft coral.
30 to 90 feet (10 to 30 meters): Wall diving
90+ feet (30+ meters): moderate slope of sand and corals
Visibility: Incoming tide: +90 feet (+30 meters). Outgoing tide: 45 to 60 feet (15 to 20 meters).
Currents: Moderate

General Information: Most dive magazines rate next door dive site the Blue Corner as the single best dive in the world so very often divers miss Clarence’s wall. The formation of the reef with sheer walls and moderate slope is home to large number of schooling fish which make it a truly unique experience.

Reef Formation: A vertical reef wall that runs south to north parallel to Ngemelis Island. The wall drops from 10 to 250’ feet (3 to 80 meters) or more and is covered with large variety of giant Gorgonian sea fans, hard corals and soft corals.

Marine life: Clarence’s Wall and Blue Corner nearby are home to some of the largest schools of fish in the world. Very often large school of fish will move or drift from Blue corner to the wall, here you can see just about every kind of fish found in the tropical ocean.

Diving: For beginner divers it is a great substitute for Blue Corner when the current are very strong

Fascinating Facts: Most divers don’t visit this site but Fish ‘n Fins guides introduce it to our divers. Clarence’s wall got his name from a boat driver name Clarence who decided to cross the surf during a storm and capsized his boat (no injuries!), for many years the remains of the small boat could be seen at 90’. Today the wreck has long gone but the name remained.

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