Ocean Hunter Liveaboard Booking System

Navigating the Ocean Hunter Palau Booking System

After our website is done loading the list of available trips which can take a few seconds, you will be able to filter the trips by 4 categories, of which 2 are the ones you’ll most likely use to narrow your search instead of scrolling through a wide array of Ocean Hunter trip offers.

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Why visiting Palau as European in 2021 is COVID-complicated

What happened in the Republic of Palau during the Covid Pandemic?

After the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, the government of Palau behaved, as is so often the case, in an exemplary manner, and immediately took all necessary measures to protect the population from disease and death. As a result, Palau was one of the few countries in the world to show ZERO Covid cases.

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Explore the Rock Islands of Palau

Aerial photo of Koror with the famous Rock Islands in the background

The most interesting things you should know about Palau’s world-famous Rock Islands before visiting

The rock islands of Palau are only one of the many reasons to visit the country. Palau has gained a reputation as one of the world's most incredible dive destinations, and with good reason: world-famous dive sites like the Blue Corner and the German Channel are a must-see for every diving enthusiast.

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Liveaboard Diving in Palau with Photographer Stephen Wolborsky

Our skiff glides westward through the glassy flat.  I can taste the sea.  I’m glad I’m in my wetsuit, as the skiff’s speed, combined with the breeze, makes it a little cool.

We are the first dive boat of the day in German Channel.  Our “mother ship,” the Ocean Hunter Liveaboard, remains moored at the lagoon end of the channel, near one of the majestic rock islands.  We’ve been there since last night and I’d slept soundly after the previous day’s 4 dives.  Ahead I can clearly see Ngemelis Island to our 1 o’clock, the outlines of Peleliu to our 10 and, in the distance at 3, the so-called “70 islands” of Ngerukewid.

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Ulong Channel, One of Palau's Best Dive Sites

Grey reef and white tip sharks, school of barracudas, jacks, snappers, groupers, spotted eagle rays... Is there a dive site, which has it all? Yes, absolutely!
Let me accompany you to my favorite dive site here in Palau - the Ulong Channel. Starting from the mouth of the channel we will enjoy the first highlight: patrolling grey reef and white tip sharks. With some luck, we can even see a school of baby grey reef sharks. From there we are going to drift into the channel. The channel itself has a sandy bottom, surrounded by a 
breathtaking coral garden. 

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Dive the Chandelier Cave in Palau

Are you ready for your next dive adventure?

Then you shouldn't miss out on one of our famous dive sites here in Palau - the Chandelier Cave. The cave is hidden in one of the rock islands, just 5 minutes away from Fish ’n Fins dive shop, an affiliate of Ocean Hunter Liveaboards Palau. The entrance is shallow (around 4 m/12 feet) and therefore easily accessible. What makes this cave so special are the 4 chambers, each filled with an air pocket. During the dive, we will explore the cave and ascend to each chamber's surface. The ceiling is full of stunning stalactites. You can even take out your regulator and

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Diving the wreck of the Iro from Palau's Premium Liveaboard

The Wreck of the Iro in Palau, my favorite dive 

Alii and sunny greetings from Palau! My name is Anja Bittner, I am a PADI dive instructor, working for Fish ’n Fins here in Palau. I am from Germany. I first came to visit Palau for a dive vacation in 2018. Enchanted by the breathtaking underwater world and the hospitality of the Palauan people I decided to move to Palau only one year later and to turn my passion of scuba diving into my profession. The wreck of the Iro is one of my favorite dives, which is why I’d love to tell you more about this stunning wreck dive, before you dive into the detailed dive site description, which Navot & Tova Bornovski, the directors of Fish 'n Fins & Ocean Hunter Liveaboards Palau, have created. 

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Liveaboard Diving in Palau during the "Palau - Taiwan Travel Bubble"

Pristine Palau Aerial Photo

Liveaboard Diving in Pristine Palau

Palau with its rich tropical coral reefs and vast amounts of marine life is one of the 3 best dive destinations in the world. Thousands of divers are visiting Palau every year to enjoy scuba diving and Palau's stunning nature. Many of those who want to enjoy themselves to the fullest are booking a liveaboard trip aboard Palau's most luxurious liveaboard, the Ocean Hunter Palau. Spending an amazing dive vacation, sailing from one amazing dive area to the next, enjoying Ocean Hunter liveaboard's fantastic cuisine, scuba diving up to five times a day, and relaxed evenings on the vessel's sundeck, watching a beautiful sunset while reflecting on the day's adventures.

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How the Germans created one of the World's Best Manta Dive Sites

Manta Ray at German Channel Palau

Dive Palau - Manta-Ray Adventure at German Channel Palau

I enjoyed this dive tremendously - I’ve been to the Maldives and 9 years in Yap and have seen my fair share of big rays - but the manta dive at German Channel tops it all !!! 

The way we did the dive was to first have a look at two cleaning stations, where manta rays and sharks get regularly cleaned and we didn’t have to wait long - two mantas and some grey reef sharks were at the station getting serviced by small cleaner wrasses. Mantas in slow motion - hovering on top of the service station taking off and returning in a circular motion after

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